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Train Your Puppy for the Crate

If you want to get a dog for yourself, you might want to get a puppy so that you can grow up with it and really bond together. There are many puppies who are untrained and they cause really big messes at home. When you get a puppy, you should be sure that you love and care for it because it is going to be a part of your family. You should love your puppy and care for them really well and if they see that you really care for them, they will really trust and love you in return. If you need to keep your puppy in a crate, you might want to learn how you can keep them in a crate for a long time. Crate training for puppies is not that hard but you really have to be very patient with them.

Before you start to train your puppy for the crate, you have to get a crate that will fit them comfortably such as those precision dog crates. Once you have a good crate for your pup, you can start to associate it with them. You should make sure that your puppy is not afraid of those crates and that they can walk in comfortably. If your puppy is a big eater or if they have a favorite toy, you can put the food or that toy inside the crate so that they can step into them without fear. When your puppy enters the crate, make sure that they do not pee or poop in those crates becuase this can make it smell bad and they will not like to sleep there anymore. You should keep those crates in a quiet place away from too much noise so they can feel calm when they are in the crate.

If you would like to train your puppy to stay in the crate for some time, you should never rush this training. You can start with putting your puppy into those crates, closing the door for a few seconds and then open it. Start gradually making each time the puppy gets into the crate lates longer and longer. If your puppy does not like it when you leave, you can walk few steps back and then return. Do this constantly until you can get to leave your puppy in the crate and be gone for quite some time. Never make your puppy feel like the crate is a prison because they will not like it if they feel that way.